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Way to 'grow', Hava and Leslie!

The future is brighter because of Leslie Melvin and Hava Goldberg, two FPK volunteer KidCoaches who were so inspired after being a part of the Ready, Set, Goal! program and helping Kids achieve Goals of Contribution, that they wanted to do one of their own. They thought big, came up with lots of possibilities, and decided they wanted to run a crowdfunding campaign to cast a wide net to reach out for support to grow the program.

“We really believe in the power of Ready, Set, Goal! after seeing it firsthand as volunteers, so we wanted to achieve our own goal and create some excitement and fun about the growth of the program,” shared Leslie.

Hava and Leslie led a crowdfunding campaign, which ran in May. With the help of many generous FPK friends, the campaign surpassed the goal of $20k, raising over $22,000, which has helped grow Ready, Set, Goal! from 100 Kids to over 150 so far for the upcoming 2014 program. This means more Kids from underserved GTA communities that will increase their confidence, build leadership skills, become more self-aware and learn about being active community citizens.

“The spirit and generosity of the community was incredible!” exclaimed Hava. “So many different people answered the call to action that we put out there, and we’re so proud that the goal was achieved.”

Way to go, Hava and Leslie! FPK honoured them with certificates to proclaim them the Crowdfunding Queens.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign and since then to support this year’s phenomenal growth!

If you are interested in learning more about FPK and becoming inspired by the power of children to change the world, like Hava and Leslie were, consider joining us at our upcoming event, Ready, Set, Inspire! on November 12. More information is available here.

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