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Saying Farewell with Hope: Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK) Concludes its Journey of Empowering Young Leaders, Inspiring Other Organizations to Continue the Work


Thank you for supporting the important work of Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK). Whether you have been with us since inception or joined us more recently, your support has made a tremendous impact on the lives of the many kids FPK has served. Thank you to the many Kids and parents who have been part of the FPK journey. And a special thank you to the KidCoaches, Crew Captains, Staff, Board of Directors and our especially our founders, Geri and Harry Berholz who have all contributed endless hours making the work of FPK possible.

The Journey of Future Possibilities for Kids

Since its establishment in 2001, Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK) has been a dedicated organization empowering young people between the ages of 9 and 12 to recognize their leadership potential and create positive change in their communities. Over the years, FPK has proudly impacted the lives of more than 6,000 children, equipping them with essential life skills and fostering self-confidence, self-awareness and resiliency.

The Challenges Faced

Like many other small organizations, FPK encountered significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The combination of the pandemic’s impact and the evolving nonprofit and economic landscape further strained the sustainability of FPK’s existing program model. Changes in funding strategies and priorities from long-standing partners, along with the difficulties of securing new funding during the pandemic, resulted in FPK being unable to continue our programming in its current format.

A New Direction

Despite the need to cease programming, the Board of Directors is actively working on reimagining FPK’s future. The organization aims to explore alternative, more sustainable delivery models that can continue to benefit the community and carry forward FPK’s methodologies, ideally through other charitable organizations who are now better positioned to positively impact Kids, and possibly expand the reach of FPK.

Promising Partnerships

FPK has initiated conversations with potential partners who have expressed interest in adopting elements of FPK’s programming and methodology. These discussions range from continuing current programs in a similar format under a new organizational home to designing new approaches that draw from FPK’s core principles. The value of FPK’s materials, such as the Kids Activity Books and KidCoach training, has been recognized as potentially applicable to other organizations’ work.

Gratitude and Transition

FPK extends deep gratitude to all those who have generously contributed, volunteered, and supported the Kids and KidCoaches over the years. Please know that any funds donated this year were used to deliver the exceptional Kids programming that FPK has historically run. FPK is no longer accepting donations.

Looking Ahead

While announcing the cessation of programming has been challenging, FPK takes immense pride in the more than two decades of community-led work that has positively impacted countless young lives. We eagerly anticipates sharing future iterations of FPK’s programming as we collectively reimagine how the community can continue to benefit from FPK’s methodologies and programs through an alternate, sustainable delivery model.

In conclusion, the journey of Future Possibilities for Kids has been marked by resilience, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to empowering young leaders. Despite the end of programming at FPK, we remain hopeful of a future where FPK’s legacy lives on through other organizations and program. We remain grateful for the support received and are buoyed by the prospect of the future possibilities that lie ahead. We hope to provide you with an update sharing how, through partner organizations, we can continue making a lasting difference in the lives of Kids and continue to inspire a generation of motivated future leaders.

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