Future Possibilities for Kids

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You Created An Incredible Year!

You have helped to make this year extra special! All of our volunteers, donors, partners, Kids and friends are the reason why we had the biggest Ready, Set, Goal! program ever – with 156 Kids taking part and achieving 156 remarkable community service goals.

So what do Kids in the program learn? One Kid said it well…

“Just because you don’t see issues and problems in your neighbourhood, doesn’t mean that there is not any problems anywhere else in the world and you should think about other places other than where you are.” – FPK Kid

Now that is a powerful statement!

If you are interested in joining our KidCoach team for the fall and working with a Kid one on one, please visit our information page at http://bit.ly/KidCoach

Thank you to our Power of Possibilities (POP!) Night sponsors who helped us celebrate the Kids and volunteers in our program!

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