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Kids and the community share their Giving Goals

We ran a contest inviting both Kids in our Ready, Set, Goal! program and the FPK community to submit your Giving Goal on how you would change the world. The Kid whose goal was selected would get a pair of Maple Leaf tickets thanks to a generous donor, and the prize for community members and volunteers was to get to be the one to deliver the amazing news to a Kid that they were selected.

Masrura, an FPK Kid, was chosen for submitting this inspiring Giving Goal below. She was so excited to get to go to her first hockey game – almost as excited as her father Bulbul who went with her. It was really special because the Maple Leafs won!

“My Giving Goal is to arrange a fun play using the cooperation of remarkable student actors and actresses in our school. We will present our play to the nearest senior home and give the seniors a really awesome recreation time and a amazing play to watch.”

Taylor Ber, one of FPK’s dedicated Crew Captain volunteers submitted her Giving Goal below and she was selected to give Masrura the tickets.

“My goal is to inspire my peers to see the effect one person with passion can have. Inspiring the change maker mindset is the first step every individual must make on the journey to creating a more caring and compassionate world.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Giving Goal and shared the campaign! Here are a few of the other Giving Goals submitted – so inspiring!


“My goal is the help animals, the nature and the environment by planting a tree. Planting trees creates homes for animals and also cleans out air.”” – Kavethan, FPK Kid

“My goal is to provide food for the people who can’t. I want to make this world a better place by giving food for others.” – Timothy, FPK Kid

“I want to construct more schools for kids who can’t afford to have education.” – Aidan, FPK Kid

“I would make the world a better place by telling people to pollute air less. I would tell people to stop idling their car engine. It also harms animals!” – Arya, FPK Kid

“My goal is to help people stop being afraid of each other and realize that together we can make this planet a spectacular place for the generations that follow us.” – Maissa Bessada

“My goal right now is to sponsor a family from Syria to come to Canada.  If the face of a massive humanitarian crisis, I feel like it’s a little bit I can do.  I also want my kids to meet the family and understand how lucky they are!!” – Robin Cory

“I want to share my art therapy skills and experience to support individuals to heal emotionally through non-verbal means.” – Nga Dinh

“My goal is to volunteer at a different non-profit organization event, once a month in 2016.   I hope that my contribution will have a positive impact on someone’s life, the community, and the organizations.” – Michelle Allick

“Our Giving Goal is to provide a sense of normalcy to children whose lives are challenged by medical conditions like congenital heart disease.” – @lonnys_smile

“My Giving Goal is to show my daughter there are lots of ways we can help. We give together: time & money/gifts.” – Heather Gardiner @hcgardiner

“Our Giving Goal? Provide more kids with future opportunities that they never imagined were possible!” – @smartsaverorg

“Our Giving Goal is to see every child reach their full potential and be given the same opportunities in school and in life.” – Books with No Bounds @bookswithnoboun

“Giving my time to others in need by offering a helping hand or attentive ear is how I give back.” – Lisa Lewcowicz @LLLewJ

“My Giving Goal is to eliminate hunger locally. In a country so bountiful, no one should go hungry.” – Camtu Luong @camtutweets

“There should be LESS bullying and MORE giving.” – Ben Boguslavsky

“My giving goal is to share my insight, knowledge, wisdom and passion with all those I come into contact with, empowering them to follow their dreams and believe in their own journey.” – David Whitney

“I want to make the world a better place by collecting new and used clothes to for the less fortunate and donate these items this Christmas in exchange for a smile.” – Jose Torres

“My goal is to practice giving everyday by looking for big or small opportunities where I can give more patience, love, or support.” – Manisha Paliwal

“I believe selfishness is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Challenge yourself for a month by thinking about others whenever you are thinking about yourself!” – Bahar Shadrooh

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