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Our Statement on Anti-Racism

Our Statement on Anti-Racism

Future Possibilities for Kids works within highly racialized communities, and many of the children and families we serve, and our volunteer community, are deeply affected by anti-Black racism. Recent deaths in the US and Canada highlight the injustice and inequity at a systemic level faced by the Black community. We stand with you and we grieve with you. We also acknowledge that this is not new. There is a long history of race-based injustice and inequity which continues to persist into the present.

We acknowledge that the real work happens within each individual and within each organization, and how we use the platforms that we have to take meaningful action towards ending anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, and systemic inequities and barriers faced by racialized communities and people of colour. We confirm our commitment to anti-racism through the work that we do with children and families and additional steps we will take to support justice and systemic change, recognizing that this is an ongoing journey:

  • Continue to engage actively within the communities we serve to listen, learn and build our understanding of the realities faced by racialized children and families who are facing systemic barriers, inequity and injustice.
  • Advocate to the government and those in positions of privilege and power to actively support anti-racism and to build equity and access through their decisions about policy and investments.
  • Ensure that our programming, systems-change approach and strategic direction are shaped in consultation with the communities we serve and with a lens of anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, anti-oppression, equity and inclusion.
  • Provide our staff, Board, and volunteers with resources and opportunities to reflect, unlearn, and build perspective about anti-racism and the importance of our role in anti-racism as a social-services, community-based organization.
  • Support parents and families with resources to have open and real discussions about race and racism with children while they are developing their worldviews.
  • Invite all organizations working with children and youth and in community-based work to share with us and have open dialogue about what we are collectively doing so that we can continue to learn, grown and mobilize against racism.

We understand that this list is not exhaustive and that it will build and change. It cannot be complete, given how deep-seeded, complex and persistent the issue of racism is in our world. We also understand that this work doesn’t stop after the media coverage ends. It is a continuing journey to unlearn and undo something which has been in place for a very long time. We cannot become complacent.

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