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Anjani brightens the holidays for sick children

Watch Anjani’s video to hear her talk about her amazing Goal of Contribution!

“I wanted to brighten the holidays for children who would be spending them in the hospital.”

When Anjani heard that there would be over 700 children spending the December holidays at the hospital because they were sick or injured, she knew she had to do something about it. Anjani is a 10-year old Kid in the Ready, Set, Goal! program by Future Possibilities for Kids.

She set a goal that she would collect 100 toys and drop them off as a donation to brighten the holidays for the children who would be at the hospital. She also decided that if she reached this goal, she would cut off her hair and donate it to cancer patients who are losing their hair while undergoing treatment.

She did a double goal!

By inspiring others to get involved, like her KidCoach, Kayla, her parents, teacher, principal, student government and Social Council, and by raising awareness at her school through making posters and doing announcements over the PA system, Anjani led the charge to collect over 220 toys!

Anjani drops off over 200 toys for sick children at the hospital.

When Anjani described how it felt to make this contribution, she said “it felt so good to drop off the toys because I knew it would help the children to think about something other than their pain and illness, even if just for a little while. It’s not just the toys, but knowing that someone was thinking about them.”

Plus, since she reached the goal, she cut off 9 inches of her hair to donate and she said that knowing the hair would help cancer patients feel better after losing their hair was very meaningful for her.

Anjani cuts 9 inches of her hair to donate to cancer patients.

In the Ready, Set, Goal! program, Anjani works with her KidCoach Kayla, an adult volunteer who is supporting Anjani’s journey to achieve a community service project and launching into being a leader. “Since day one, I have been blown away by Anjani’s determination and grit,” Kayla shared. “She had determined she wanted to do a toy drive for the holidays despite the limited time frame, and was well underway to materializing her goal – asking others for their support within a matter of days. What excites me the most working with Anjani is that she is a dreamer with resolve. She is already thinking about other causes to tackle.”

Her parents have been engaged as well, playing a supporting a role while Anjani leads the charge on achieving her goal. Her Dad says that “Anjani has always been passionate, and this is an example of how she can do great things and doesn’t let anything get in her way.” Her Mom added “we are very proud of her for what she was able to accomplish!”

Her advice for anyone looking to achieve their own goal is to “keep going straight forward and don’t let anything hold you back.” She also says that “the end is just a new beginning. Even if you end a goal, it’s just the new beginning of another.”

The year isn’t even done yet! She already has more ideas of what she would like to do during the rest of the Ready, Set, Goal! program.

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