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The Comeback Kid

Here’s a story that is sure to make you smile! A few weeks ago, we received an email from a young lady named Anastasiya. This email started as many do, with a cheerful greeting and an inquiry that stated, “I’m interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities currently available through Future Possibilities for Kids.” Nothing too out of the ordinary. However, as we kept reading we learned something very special about the sender of this email. Back in 2004, Anastasiya was a Kid in our programs and since then FPK has remained very close to her heart.

We asked her to capture what FPK means to her, and here’s what she had to say:

“My experience in the Ready, Set, Goal! program taught me that with courage and determination, no dream is too big to accomplish. The program pushed me to practice setting realistic goals and creating detailed action plans to bring my ideas to life. I learned how to break down my ambitious goals into attainable milestones. I also learned that anything is possible with the proper planning and it is with this attitude that I live my life to this day. Future Possibilities for Kids empowered me to follow my dreams and strive towards making a difference every day. Thirteen years later, I am a financial auditor. FPK is a truly valuable organization for the youth of Ontario and I am grateful to everyone who continues to make programs like Ready, Set, Goal! possible. Thank you for supporting the leaders of tomorrow!”

Something truly amazing is happening at Future Possibilities for Kids as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary – Anastasiya is not the only Kid to come back to FPK. This year alone, we have a total of seven ‘Comeback Kids’ volunteering in several capacities within our programs. It is so heart-warming to see our Kids come full circle, and to know that they are still excited about changing their communities and being in service of others. Stay tuned for more stories of success of other FPK Graduates as we release our Possibility Profiles series in 2017!

Thank you to the community for your generosity and support to make stories like this possible!

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