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Revisiting Regent Park

It’s been 7 years, but we are so happy to announce that Future Possibilities for Kids is back in Regent Park! Thanks to the generosity of the community, and our network of amazing supporters, we have been able to add Sprucecourt Public School to our list of Camp Contribution sites for the 2017-18 season. 75 Kids from Regent Park will get a summer experience like nothing else.

Camp Contribution is unique. The Kids who attend are developing leadership skills, learning about the community, and becoming promoting change through civic engagement. While at Camp, Kids participate in many fun and interactive experiences that allow them to gain a better understanding of their community and its needs. They do a community walking tour to look for potential challenges affecting their community and to map out the resources. As a team, they come up with a Goal of Contribution to address a specific challenge, and then they go and do something about it! That’s what leadership is all about. Past goals achieved by Campers include:

– Running a Smile-A-Thon on a local street corner to brighten people’s days
– Creating and delivering Thank You cards to the local police station to say thanks for keeping the neighbourhood safe
– Collecting clothing for an organization in the neighbourhood

For the first time in our organization’s history, we will reach over 500 Kids in our programs this year. As part of our Leadership Amplified initiative, we are well on our way to grow into 3 new GTA communities by 2020. We are excited to see what our Kids will do next, and we hope you are too. Camp Contribution starts July 10th, 2017—so stay tuned for more stories of inspiration!

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